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On 24.3.2023 at about 12 05, Pakokku Industrial zone Local Fire Station received the report that a fire broke out at U Aung Ko Lin's (21x12) feet house in Industrial zone (6) Road, Pakokku Township, Pakokku District, Magway Region. At 12 10, 44 firefighters from fire stations with a total of 1 administrative vehicle, 7 fire trucks and 1 water bowser extinguished the fire using 7,200 gallons of water and at about 12 35,the fire was completely out. Due to the fire, 2 houses and other materials were burned. It is known that the owner U Aung Ko Lin was opened the file in accordance with 285, Pa (70/2023) of the Code of Criminal Procedure by Pakokku Myoma Police Station.