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On 24.3.2023 at about 13 20, Data-U Township Fire Station received the report that a fire broke out at "Yellow Elephant" Glue Industry near the Pannlaung Bridge, beside the 6-ways Airfield Road, KhinLuulay village, Sagainn Village Tract, Data-U Township, Mandalay Region. The fire started from fire residual in dump and Plastic raws. According to the report, 96 firefighters and 50 auxiliary fire members from fire stations in Mandalay Region with a total of 3 administrative vehicles, 10 fire engines and 14 water bowsers extinguished the fire using 370,000 gallons of water cooperating with relevant organizations. At about 14 43, the fire was completely extinguished. Due to the fire, a glue machine, (50x15) feet worker housing, 3 air-conditioners and a 110-motorbike  were burned. The manager U Win Myint  was opened the file in accordance with 285, Pa (10/2023) of the Code of Criminal Procedure by Data-U Airport Local Police Station.