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On 19.3.2023 at about 01 09, Chanayetharsan Township fire station received that a fire broke out at U Hla Tun Aung's (25x50) feet RC 3-storey building at above-mentioned location. The fire started from turmeric mosquito repellent stove and spread to the mat. At about 01 12, 30 firefighters and 50 auxiliary firefighters from fire stations in Mandalay Region with 3 administrative vehicles, 10 fire engines and 5 fire water bowsers extinguished the fire using 3,500 gallons of water and at about 01 27, the fire was completely out. Due to the fire, ceiling of living room and other materials were burned and the owner U Hla Tun Aung was opened the file in accordance with 285, Pa (60/2023) of the Code of Criminal Procedure by No(8) Myoma Police Station.

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