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On 8.3.2023 at about 06 27 am, Myingyan Township Fire Station received the report that (37x38) RC 3-storeys building owned by U Myo Aung  broke out the fire due to the electronic inverter overload at above-mentioned location. At about06 30 am, 69 firefighters from Myingyan Local/ Township/ District Fire Station with 6 fire engines and 5 water bowsers extinguished the fire using 12,000 gallons of water and at about 07 00 am, the fire was completely out. Due to the fire, (37x38) RC 3-storeys building,  Agricultural machines and tools were burned and the owner Myo Aung was opened the file in accordance with 285, Pa (18/2023) of the Code of Criminal Procedure by Myingyan Myoma Police Station.