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11.9.2022 at about 10 15 am, Melody Global Company Limited Shoe Factory  fire broke out at at Nyaunginn Industrial Zone, No (26/27/28), Bago Township,  Bago Region. The fire broke out due to the explosive of air pressure pipe that connected to shoe printer machine and spread to motor. The fire was extinguished by a administrative vehicle, 2 firefighting vehicles and a water Bowser from Bago Region Fire Station, a firefighting vehiclae and 4 water Bowsers from Bago District Fire Station, 3 firefighting vehicles from Bago Township Fire Station, a firefighting vehicle and  2 water bowsers from Bago Local Fire Station, 2 firefighting Vehicle and a water bowser from Thanatpin Township Fire Station, a firefighting vehicle from Kawa Township Fire Station with 70 fire services members and 40 auxiliary fire member using 150,000 gallons of water. At about 11 00 am, the fire was completely out. Due to the fire, (234x98) feet steel structure building, 200 sole sheets,  200 gallons of Hydraulic oil, 26 motors, a shoe printer machine and other materials were burned. The factory manager, JIAJUN was opened against file in accordance with 285, (Pa) 192/2022 of the Code of Criminal Procedure by Bago Myoma Police Station.