Conduction Training Programme

The following training programmes are conducted in CFSTS-

(1) Basic Fire Fighting Techniques Course
(2) Refresher Course
(3) Advanced Fire Fighting Techniques Course
(4) Station Officer Course
(5) Senior Officer Course
(6) Rescue Techniques Course.
(7) Swimming Techniques Course
(8) English Language Proficiency Course
(9) Medical Training Course
(10) Water Rescue Course
(11) Platoon Commander Course
(12) Agricultural and Livestock Course
(13) Basic Computer Training Course

Conducted in FSD(HQ)

The training programs which are conducted in FSD(HQ) are as follows-

(1) Station Officer Course
(2) Rescue Techniques Course
(3) Swimming and Life Saving Course
(4) Water Rescue Course
(5) Internet and E-mail Course
(6) Township Level Administrative Course
(7) Station Level Administrative Course
(8) Mechanic Course
(9) Aircraft Fire Fighting and Rescue Course
(10) Training of Trainer For Driving Course