27.6.2020 at about 17:30- a man, Ko Myo Lin Kyaw drowned while he was throwing fishing net at Kyaukphyu Beach, Thanzis Estuary, Asoera Quarter, Kyaukphyu Township, Rakhine State and found the dead body at Thanzis Estuary, rader communication tower compound, in front of No(542) Light Infantry Battalion at about 07:10(29.6.2020). 12 Fire Services Personnel of Kyaukphyu District Fire Station picked out the body cooperating with Laywadikularatkita Volunteer organization and Young Volunteer Organization.

Ko Myo Lin Kyaw’s body was sent to the Kyaukphyu District Hospital by the Ambulance of Laywadikularatkita Volunteer organization and at aboyt 08:45- search& rescue  work accomplished